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Birding Resources

Wonder what bird you are hearing?  Wonder what bird you are seeing?  Intuitive, easy-to-use, electronic apps have made it extremely easy to i.d. birds both in the field and at the feeder. Here are the most up-to-date tools to help you know the birds and their songs at the very moment you are observing them. Join us on field trips, or at a Birding 101 class, to learn how to i.d. birds using the newest technology or the best printed field guide resources. Birding is a low-barrier way to enjoy and learn about nature. Our field trips are free and it costs very little to go outside and look and listen for birds. Because birds are found in urbanized and wild areas, people are able to participate no matter where they happen to live and regardless of their physical ability.

New to Birding

  • Join us in a "Big sit" to increase your knowledge
  • Take a Birding 101 class
  • No upcoming events

Wonder if you are seeing a migrant bird in Yavapai or Coconino Counties?: Check out the BirdCast site:

Project FeederWatch

Printable Checklists - visit each Sanctuary's page for up-to-date printable checklists

Backyard birding

How to count

Learn More

Jay's Bird Barn

  • Excellent bird feeding supplier 
  • Try out binoculars at the best local birding store with expert supervision: Visit website

Merlin Bird app

“New to birding? If you’re brand new to birds, try the free Merlin Bird ID app. Merlin can help you identify birds from a photograph or description and includes images and sounds for over 7500 species. It’s a great way to build your bird identification skills anywhere in the world!” Learn More

Merlin Sound ID 

“Who's singing? Merlin Bird ID can tell you! Simply hold out your phone, tap record, and you'll get suggestions in real time, along with recordings of suggested species you can play to compare with what you're hearing to confirm the ID.”  Learn More

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

You many want to become a better bird identifier for several reasons: 1. Know your backyard birds, 2. Be able to bird on your own, 3.  Help with Community Science bird counts. You can build your skills and learn the basics of bird identification with the 4 Key steps: 

Cool video on the 4 keys to bird identification

“Dedicated to advancing the understanding and protection of the natural world, the Cornell Lab joins with people from all walks of life to make new scientific discoveries, share insights, and galvanize conservation action.”  

Learn More


eBird is a FREE app maintained and managed by Cornell University's Lab of Ornithology.  It is an easy way to record your bird sightings on your phone, or computer, so you always have your "list" at your fingertips.  And because the information collected in eBird is used for a multitude of research projects, know that every time you record a bird sighting in eBird, you are contributing to citizen science. In fact, eBird is the largest citizen science project in the world.  Learn More

Sibley Birds V2 app. 

Sibley V2 is a great tool for side-by-side comparison between similar species. "The app based on the Sibley Guide to Birds includes all of the content in the printed guide as well as over 2800 audio recordings, additional text, complete seasonal status data for every species in every state and province, hundreds of searchable criteria, and much more."

Learn More


“Whether you’re newly curious about what you’re hearing in your backyard, an avid birder with a life list to tend, or a budding ornithologist, Bird Academy’s team of biologists, educators, and designers are here to help you learn. Enjoy!”  Learn More

Larkwire is a game that helps you learn to i.d. bird calls and songs in a fun way. Larkwire bird sound game Learn More

"Only BirdsEye gives you the info you need to know about what's actually around you, wherever you are."  Learn More

Professional Guides

Tim Weber: Guides out of Sedona 

Bird with Tim

Lisa Grubbs: Contact

Rich Armstrong: Birding Pal

Birding Pal

Birding Hotspot Resources

These two links contain all of the knowledge about where the top birding spots are located, See the top media from County hotspots and recent checklists to know what birds are around now:

Coconino County:  Coconino Hotspots

Yavapai County:  Yavapai Hotspots

Bird Migration Forecast Maps

"Bird migration forecasts show predicted nocturnal migration 3 hours after local sunset and are updated every 6 hours. These forecasts come from models trained on the last 23 years of bird movements in the atmosphere as detected by the US NEXRAD weather surveillance radar network. In these models we use the Global Forecasting System (GFS) to predict suitable conditions for migration occurring three hours after local sunset. These maps also show precipitation forecasts (outlined and shown in grayscale). Note, areas forecast to experience precipitation and bird migration may overlap, and predictions for migration intensity may be highly variable in these locations." Migration forecast map

Find your local migration predictions here: Local migration tool

See Migration tools here: Migration tools

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