Would You Drain Lake Powell?

Most of us have an opinion regarding the past and future of Glen Canyon Dam. Perhaps you were influenced by Edward Abbey’s Monkey Wrench Gang or maybe you are a Lake Powell boater. Regardless of your personal evaluation of Lake Powell, the facts that the dam has been there since 1963 and that the reservoir is only 1/3 full are objectively indisputable.  At issue is what – if anything – needs to be done. Everything from water supply to hydroelectric power to environmental integrity is at stake when the future of Lake Powell is considered.

We are giving you a link to a rather lengthy article published in GISMODO which is a left-of-center site that sells items as well as publishes science for the citizens. This article discusses some of the causative history of what the author calls “one of the most egregious environmental follies in human history” and continues on to the broader issues of the Colorado River Compact of 1922, present-day water needs, and hydroelectric economics. This is a great – though somewhat biased – perspective on Lake Powell and where it rests in the larger water world of the Southwest.

We will give you a hint: demolishing Glen Cayon Dam is not on anyone’s serious plan. (All due respect to Edward Abbey)

Read the article:  https://gizmodo.com/its-time-to-drain-lake-powell-1848003413

Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)