October Program – Sedona Only


Oct. 27, 2021 6:00 PM   at Sedona Library

Cruising for Seabirds

Rich Armstrong with best friend.


Do your eyes glass over as you turn the pages of a field guide when you come to the section containing pelagic birds? You know, those birds that require you to board a rocky boat and head out into the ocean, being in fear of tossing your cookies? Well, look no further– Rich Armstrong will make those birds easy for you. Come hear him give a fast-paced humorous presentation about going to sea to see seabirds in the sea. From a small boat to birding from a cruise ship, you’ll learn about the 40 birds in North America–albatrosses, shearwaters, storm petrels, and alcids, which require you to leave dry land. Both of these ships have advantages and disadvantages in seeing these wonderful birds, and don’t forget the whales and dolphins. Halloween-themed snacks will be served. Place: Sedona Public Library. Cookies & conversation 5:30. Program starts at 6:00.


Rich Armstrong got a PhD in Nuclear Inorganic Chemistry from Stanford. He spent 5 ½ years in the Army as a nuclear and chemical officer including jumping out of airplanes in Korea and as a Professor of Chemistry at West Point. He also spent 15 years in Army Reserves retiring as a Major. He worked 20 years for Texaco and was part of the team that invented long life coolant. He has been married to Nanette for 34 years and they have birded together in Texas, Oregon, most of North America, and now Arizona for 10 years. He is the NAAS steward of the Sedona Wetlands, and has led many field trips for NAAS.