Bluebird Nest Boxes – Picture Canyon

Rick Moore

Rick Moore, project manager and creator

Rick Moore, Joan Stoner, Roy May, Tom Bean, Dennis Kruse


Picture Canyon in Flagstaff is now more bird friendly. Thanks to NAAS member Rick Moore, a dozen Bluebird nest boxes have been installed throughout the preserve. Rick hand crafted the nest boxes out of beautiful, weather resistant cedar wood. On Thursday morning, June 11, volunteers set them in their places. Previously, Rick and Roy May, following guidelines from City of Flagstaff Open Space, pinpointed GIS locations for each nest box. NAAS volunteers Lori Kruse, Joan Stoner, and Sur Ordway and maybe others, will be monitoring the nest boxes over the next several months. Recently, Bluebird nest boxes were put up in Kachina Wetlands. Some have been occupied. We hope the same happens at Picture Canyon!




Sue Ordway also helped out. Lori Kruse came for a few minutes and gave us a brief intro to nest box monitoring. Robert Brunig and Karen Enyedy joined us and dug out invasive weeds while the rest of us put up the boxes.