NAAS is beginning a campaign of letting our membership and our community know more about who we are and what we do. We are a community group that loves birds, birding and engages in activities to preserve their habitat.

But after the year we’ve had, whatever we do MUST be fun!  While we are doing good things for birds, it needs to be a fun hobby too. So, let’s share the fun stuff.

To that end, NAAS has contracted with professional communicators – a savvy Social Media team – to help us get out our message, “To promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife and the conservation and restoration of their natural habitats” in a way that’s fun, accessible and easy.

We have great members who’ll be sharing their stories that vary from:

    • Non-birders who love feeding and watching birds


    • Birders who mainly watch their yard birds


  • Listers: Yard, County, ABA birders, World-wide birders


We want the northern Arizona community to know what brought us here and why we do what we do. However, we need your help to spread the NAAS message of “fun and conservation”.  

 So, instead of reading about birding, why not write some news of your own? We would enjoy hearing your birding stories to entertain and encourage others. Topics could include:

We are listening

  • How you started birding.
  • Did you have a spark bird?
  • What would you consider your strongest interest or expertise and what resources or tools did you learn from?
  • Where are your favorite birding spots or vacations that you have enjoyed most?
  • Do you have a story about tracking down a rare bird?
  • And of course, there is always the interesting backyard bird watching story and how you have made your home landscapes attractive to birds.


Please send your stories here: NAASpub@gmail.com
We will do some editing, if needed, and will post a photo or two with it.

We mean it!  Without you, NAAS wouldn’t be here. We will sprinkle in your submissions with current content. Whether it’s a photo, a short video, or a written story – it’s your opportunity to have some fun and tell us about your adventures and what you’ve learned.

Our new Instagram page (Go to: Instagram.com/nazaudubon) and see exciting bird photos. In addition, check out our reimagined Facebook page. With your help, the goal is to make our social media more inclusive, more communicative, and more accessible where everyone shares their mutual love of birds and nature.


Kay Hawklee