Picture Canyon Bird Sanctuary

Picture Canyon Bird Sanctuary


Picture Canyon

Picture Canyon

With funding from the 2004 voter approved Open Space bond and a 2012 Growing Smarter Grant, the City of Flagstaff successfully acquired this 477.8 acre parcel of land for $4.778

Picture Canyon

NAAS work day at Picture Canyon

million. Located in northeast Flagstaff, Picture Canyon is a natural and cultural amenity to northern Arizona, serving as a critical riparian habitat which attracts more than 170 bird species as well as other animals, is a popular recreation corridor, and is home to significant cultural and archaeological resources. Flagstaff’s only river, the Rio de Flag, flows through the Canyon. The acquisition of Picture Canyon provides a natural place for members of the Flagstaff community to learn about ecology, geology, and archaeology, while participating in outdoor recreation.



At this time there are no facilities.

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Picture is a featured location for Arizona Watchable Wildlife Experience as sponsored by Arizona Fish & Game Dept.. Click here to view their description: http://www.azwatchwildlife.com/subjects/locations/picture-canyon/location.htm



Water—flowing, constant, predictable and life-sustaining—together with a great diversity of plants and invertebrates, attracts more than 215 bird species to Picture Canyon. Among these many birds, around 65 draw sustenance from the canyon during migration, around 30 species inhabit it year-round, another 35 or so come only during summer and around 25 species are here only during winter. At least 22 species breed here.

Picture Work Day

Picture Work Day

The plant communities these birds nest in and feed upon include the tall ponderosa pines that characterize northern Arizona; deciduous trees such as walnut, oak, and willow; a wide variety of shrubs and forbs; lush streamside grasses; riparian rushes, sedges, and cattails; and aquatic plants. Bird Species List Click here.


From Tucson/Phoenix/all points south of Flagstaff

Take I-17 to eastbound I-40 in Flagstaff

Take exit 201 (Country Club) and turn left onto Country Club Blvd.

At the intersection with Highway 89 North, turn right

At the second signal, turn right onto Marketplace and travel about one mile to the T intersection with Test Place

Turn right, and at the next stop sign, turn left onto old Route 66

Drive 1.2 mile and turn left onto El Paso Flagstaff Rd.

You will see a sign for the Wildcat Water Treatment Plant. Stay on this road, which curves to the right around the water treatment plant property. There will be a parking lot on your right where the main trailhead is.

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