Membership At Work

Mission Statement of Northern Arizona Audubon Society

“To promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife and the conservation and restoration of their natural habitats.”

Here’s a quick list of our 2019-2020 plans and achievements that our members support through dues and participation:


  1. Birding 101 is a beginning birding class taught by NAAS expert birders and presented in partnership with OLLI and Jay’s Bird Barn.VermBlackHawk
  2. Teaching birding to local school groups.


  1. Guided trips to the Sedona Wetlands, Kachina Wetlands, and Page Springs Bubbling Ponds are offered into these two NAAS sanctuaries.
  2. NAAS provides leader/guides for the bird walks at The Flagstaff Arboretum.
  3. A variety of guided regional bird walks are offered throughout the year. See our calendar.
  4. Special field trips are offered and include a kayak trip on the Verde River..


  1. Sedona Wetlands – in conjunction with the City of Sedona. Click here
  2. Page Springs Bubbling Ponds – in conjunction with Arizona Game and Fish. Click Here
  3. Picture Canyon – in conjunction with City of Flagstaff. Click here
  4. Kachina Wetlands – in conjuction with Kachina Village Improvement DIstrict Click Here.
  5. NAAS sponsors several Important Bird Areas (IBA): Click here.


  1. Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival: click here for information.
  2. Friends of the Verde River: click here for information
  3. Audubon Western Rivers Action Network: click here for information.
  4. Arizona Game and Fish Department: Bubbling Ponds
  5. City of Flagstaff: Picture Canyon
  6. City of Sedona: Sedona Wetlands


  1. We present 16 open meetings per year which feature informative speakers and chapter news
  2. We publish and mail our newsletter, The Blackhawk Watch, to all members
  3. Monthly E-newsletters containing updates and announcements are sent to members.
  4. A subscription service is offered for updates on our website.


  1. We provide an interactive map to birding hotspots in Arizona :Click here.
  2. We have made downloadable bird checklists for various hotspots in Northern Arizona: Click here.
  3. We maintain a sizable “lending library” of binoculars for birding students and other new birders at NAAS events.
  4. We raise bird awareness by participation in area events.

To continue your membership or to become a new member, click here


naas logoNorthern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, exists to support a mission and lives and breathes by membership participation and donations. You, as an individual, are the vital component of that membership and what follows here is a description of what your membership makes possible. You will find that you are supporting a strong, active organization that is making a difference in our world.

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