NAAS Volunteers Plant Trees at Picture Canyon

Birds need trees and Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve in Flagstaff needs both. Partnering with the City of Flagstaff Open Space, Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) is donating and planting trees in the city preserve. On Thursday, Nov. 4, eight NAAS volunteers and representatives of the City planted two chokecherry, a service berry, and sank a dozen or more willow cuttings into the bank of the Rio de Flag. It took most a day and a bit of hard work digging and fencing, but all the volunteers were accustomed to that since all also volunteer with other organizations (Grand Canyon Trust, Friends of the Forest, City of Flagstaff Open Space). The intrepid collaborators included: Robert Wallace (Open Space Specialist, City of Flagstaff); Sylvia Struss (Aide to Open Space City of Flagstaff); Cathy Scudiere (restoration ecologist Natural Channel Design, Inc.); Christian Vojta; Bill Kluwin; Marilaine Jones; Robert May; and Roy May, (NAAS Picture Canyon Steward). Joan Stoner, Christian Vojta (NAAS Kachina Wetlands Steward), and Roy May will assure the trees have tender loving care until the trees are established to take care of themselves.
Over the next couple or three years, NAAS will facilitate cottonwoods and ashes to restore the riparian corridor downstream from the bridge and beyond the petroglyph site. In the future, as finances permit, we will also put in cottonwoods around the pond and along the southern and eastern boundaries of the park. Habit restoration is one of the most important contributions that NAAS can make to ensure a healthy natural environment as Flagstaff and the Southwest face growing aridization due to global climate change.

Story and Photo by Roy May, Steward, Picture Canyon Preserve