Christmas Bird Count and NAAS

CBC Update for NAAS
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The Christmas Bird Count is a 127-year-old tradition of The Audubon Society, but it has not been immune to impacts of COVID-19. The National Audubon office has issued a directive regarding CBC for 2020. In that regard, we should note that, although most of us who participate each year have come to think of the CBC as a local chapter event, it is actually directed by the National office and administered through the local Compilers. Here in Northern Arizona we have 4 Compilers, each of which have always been responsible for various areas we call “circles“. However, these 4 volunteers must follow the National Guidelines for running each count. These guidelines are found here: National Audubon CBC.  Each Compiler has 2 options and these are spelled out in this document. In short, a Compiler can either offer the CBC in his or her circle in accordance with the CBC guidelines, or not offer it at all. Therefore, anyone who wishes to participate in the CBC this year must contact the Compiler for a particular circle. These 4 people are:
  1. Flagstaff area: Terry Blows – 
  2. Sedona area:  Rich Armstrong –
  3. Camp Verde area: Kay Hawklee –
  4. Cottonwood/Jerome area: Rob Gibbs –

If you find yourself with no CBC possibility or if you are not comfortable going out at all, NAAS strongly encourages you to conduct your own private CBC in your own yard and to submit your observations to Ebird just as you would on any other day. In this respect, you would be participating in Project Feeder Watch.

If you wish to learn more about CBC, please click here: