Gilded and Red-shafted Flickers in Arizona

Investigating vocalizations and responses to playback as potential reproductive isolating mechanisms of Gilded and Red-shafted Flickers in Arizona by Becky Lausch. Becky will be discussing her playback experiments on how Gilded and Red-shafted Flickers responded to recordings of their own voice and their sister species throughout Arizona, in areas where the two should be completely separated and in areas of potential overlap. You’ll learn a lot about Flickers in this talk! Tuesday February 25, 7:00 pm at Shepherd of the Hills Church, Flagstaff. And Wednesday February 26, 2020. 6:00 pm at the Sedona Public Library.

Becky Lausch is a PhD candidate at NAU in Biological Sciences. Originally from Pennsylvania, she came to Arizona in 2015 for grad school after working a summer on the Mogollon Rim on a bird field crew. Her dissertation work revolves around Gilded and Northern Flickers. She is broadly interested in bird ecology, behavior, and conservation. In her spare time she goes birding and volunteers for the Ark Cat Sanctuary in Flagstaff, for whom she also foster kittens.