Outdoor SciTech Festival (follow-up)

Outdoor SciTech Festival (follow-up) Last Saturday – April 21 – Northern Arizona Audubon participated in the second annual Outdoor SciTech Festival at Dead Horse State Park. The SciTech is part of the larger statewide SciTech Festival that includes 800 events around the state over a two month period. The event at Dead Horse SP – sponsored by VRVNO – featured booths with organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The Verde River Basin Partnership, Sedona Recycles, Jay’s […]

March Meeting – Adventures with Dragonflies

 March Meeting – Adventures with Dragonflies   We are delighted that the Dragonfly Whisperer will be speaking at our March 18 (Sedona) and 19 (Flagstaff) meetings. Jim Walker will talk about these fascinating creatures that have a rich heritage of folklore and fables that vary greatly from culture to culture. He says that European cultures tend to see dragonflies as dangerous, even deadly but Asian and Native American cultures see them as signs of good […]

Bubbling Ponds March, 2015

Progress At Bubbling Ponds March 2015 Northern Arizona Audubon Society has been developing the Bubbling Ponds at Page Springs Fish Hatchery area as an outdoor educational center for the past year. Work is progressing and this observation platform has been completed. It is just a part of the entire project which will, upon completion, feature trail improvements, an outdoor classroom (completed) a picnic ramada (completed), bench stops, interpretive signage (designed), and an improved parking facility. […]

You Are a Climate Activist

You Are a Climate Activist   Our speaker at the February meetings was Tice Supplee, the interim Director of Audubon Arizona. She gave us a wonderful presentation that discussed climate change and its projected effect on bird species distributions. Her presentation revolved around the newly released National Audubon study of the response of bird species to warming climates in North America. The Audubon study is immense and important. Everyone should look at it here: http://climate.audubon.org/ […]

Sedona Wetlands – February 2015

Sedona Wetlands – February 2015 Our Sedona Wetlands Bird Sanctuary is a busy place. NAAS has an elevated viewing platform under construction which will afford views into the “big pond”. The City of Sedona is constructing a fence to route traffic and control walking access, and the City is clearing viewing aisles through the cattails and reeds growing along the edges of the 6 new ponds. If you were walking around the Wetlands in mid-February, this […]
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