You Are a Climate Activist

You Are a Climate Activist   Our speaker at the February meetings was Tice Supplee, the interim Director of Audubon Arizona. She gave us a wonderful presentation that discussed climate change and its projected effect on bird species distributions. Her presentation revolved around the newly released National Audubon study of the response of bird species to warming climates in North America. The Audubon study is immense and important. Everyone should look at it here: […]

Sedona Wetlands – February 2015

Sedona Wetlands – February 2015 Our Sedona Wetlands Bird Sanctuary is a busy place. NAAS has an elevated viewing platform under construction which will afford views into the “big pond”. The City of Sedona is constructing a fence to route traffic and control walking access, and the City is clearing viewing aisles through the cattails and reeds growing along the edges of the 6 new ponds. If you were walking around the Wetlands in mid-February, this […]

Picture Canyon Bird Count Day

Picture Canyon Bird Count Day The Rio de Flag, Flagstaff’s only river, runs through Picture Canyon and provides critical riparian habitat for bird species that breed in the area and for others that visit during non-breeding season. The pond provides deep water habitat which is rare in Flagstaff. Picture Canyon has been designated as an Audubon Sanctuary, and we are continuing to collect data on the bird species found there that make it an unique local […]

February Meeting – Climate Change’s Effect on Birds

Audubon’s Study of Climate Change’s Effect on Birds   Join Tice Supplee, the Audubon Arizona Director of Bird Conservation, for a presentation of Audubon’s seven year scientific study behind how climate change is becoming the number one threat to North American birds.  Supplee will speak at both the Sedona meeting on Feb. 18 and the Flagstaff meeting on Feb. 19. Learn where potential habitat “strongholds” for birds are located in our state and how you […]

Great Backyard Bird Count 2015

Do you have a backyard? Size does not matter.  Would you like to be a “Citizen Scientist” for a day? Have you ever wished that you could contribute to a huge project? Well, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in partnership with national Audubon Society has a deal for you! Each year since 1998 Cornell Labs has promoted a bird census based upon observations by folks exactly like you who like to enjoy birding in their own […]

Christmas Bird Count 2014/2015

During the Holiday Season, Northern Arizona Audubon (NAAS) had the duty and privilege to participate in the 115th Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC). As has been our practice, we had teams of birders surveying designated areas in Northern Arizona from Mingus Mountain through the Verde Valley and onto the Rim Country around Flagstaff. Simply put, the objective each year is identify every bird and bird species seen and count each individual. These results are entered […]
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