Jay’s Bird Barn in Flagstaff !

Jay’s Bird Barn now in Flagstaff ! This is awesome news to our Flagstaff members… Jay’s Bird Barn is expanding its business from Prescott and Sedona to Flagstaff. The owner, Eric Moore, has been a long-time supporter of both Audubon and the Birding Festival and has announced this new extension. And, here’s the bonus: you know about now because you have subscribed to this update service: Eric is looking for employees in all positions. This […]

Ten-Year Enhancement Plan for the Kachina Wetlands

Ten-Year Enhancement Plan for the Kachina Wetlands promotes birds and native vegetation    Click on here to view the Plan The area used by Kachina Village for wastewater evaporation, affectionately known as the Kachina Wetlands, is an exciting hotspot for birding. Although the area is only 70 acres in size, the e-Bird database indicates that 203 species of birds have been recorded at this site since 2004. That is amazing diversity for such a small area! […]

Arizona Field Ornithologists Events

Arizona Field Ornithologists Events This is an announcement from the Arizona Field Ornithologists . You might want to look at some of these.   AZFO is pleased to be able to offer a number of outstanding expeditions this spring and early summer. You’ll find brief descriptions below. Detailed information is available on our Events webpage. As always, all expeditions and other events are free of charge. Contact the expedition leader(s) listed below each description to […]

Baffin Island – You can’t bird any further north than this

      At the April 20 in Sedona and on April 21 in Flagstaff, Brent Bitz will present a program about his trip to Baffin Island in the Canadian North. Bitz went there to hike and bird but his experience in this land of the midnight sun was so much more than that. With an area of 1,500,000 square miles, the Canadian North is a land that occupies a special place in the hearts of Canadians; […]

Northern Arizona Audubon Society Joined SciTech Festival 2016

Northern Arizona Audubon Society Joined SciTech Festival 2016 NAAS was invited by Verde River Valley Nature Organization to participate in the annual SciTech Festival held at Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood on April 6th. The event was a STEM Showcase sponsored by the City of Cottonwood and Mingus Union High School. The event provided high school students an opportunity to explore science and technology as a potential profession. NAAS’s Education Chair, Tina Whitley, worked […]

Northern Arizona Audubon Society Celebrates Spring with the City of Sedona!

Northern Arizona Audubon Society celebrates Spring with the City of Sedona! NAAS was one of many participants at this year’s annual Celebration of Spring Carnival and Egg Hunt at the Posse Ground in Sedona on Saturday, March 26th. Our Education Committee Chair, Tina Whitley, did an amazing job filling our table with colorful brochures about birds and where to find them as well as orchestrated a bird ID game designed by Nanette Armstrong. On hand […]

Baby Birds and What to do

Baby Birds and What to do   As baby bird season begins, many people encounter baby birds and some need our help; however, most do not. As a nestling, the babies may have their eyes closed and will not have developed feathers and are unable to perch.  This is their most vulnerable stage of life. As baby birds grow and develop as nestlings, they go to the next stage of development, as a fledgling. During […]

Members at Work at Bubbling Ponds

Members at Work at Bubbling Ponds Every NAAS member ought to pat themselves on the back today. We do good work. Last Saturday, March 19th we had a work day at Bubbling Ponds and 12 members showed up to do trail work, culvert construction and bench relocation. That’s a good number of workers for a full morning of physical work. Not only that, but we worked all morning with several Game and Fish employees which […]

March NAAS Board Meeting

March NAAS Board Meeting This is a new service to our membership. Your Board of Directors wants to reach out to you in any way we can and one way is to publish our board minutes for each meeting. You see this kind of article again in the future each time the board meets which is every other month. This is the record (minutes) of our March meeting. The webmaster extends his gratitude to Board […]