Oct. 15 & 16 meetings

The Feathered Kaleidoscopes of Ecuador   Come to one of the October meetings and be dazzled by the by Liz Lauer’s stunning photographs of the birds of Ecuador. Sue Clemenz, NAAS Board member, will present Lauer’s photographs on DVD. She and Lauer both attended a Mark Pretti Nature Tours trip to southern Ecuador last year where Lauer captured a beautiful sampling of the country’s 1600 bird species which include 132 hummingbird species and almost 80 […]

Climate Change and Arizona Birds

  National Audubon Society has just published an extensive study of the projected relationship between climate change and bird populations. Because it is web-based it is interactive, you can actually look at Arizona and even look at the projections for an individual bird species. You can find the report here: http://climate.audubon.org/  . There is a full report and a condensed report. The condensed report can be found here:  http://climate.audubon.org/article/audubon-report-glance  . This is the introduction found […]

Flagstaff Science Fair 2014

Northern Arizona Audubon Society brought birding to the 25th Flagstaff Festival of Science. This ten day event featured “Science in the Park” at Wheeler Park in Downtown Flagstaff. If you came, you saw an amazing display by a myriad of science exhibitors. And there, among them all, was our chapter with its booth. We drew a tremendous number of people of all ages to the exhibit featuring wonderful photos of wonderful birds. Displayed on the […]

Sedona Wetlands In The News!

Sedona Wetlands and our own Dena Greenwood are in the Phoenix News these days. The Wetlands is a designated NAAS Bird Sanctuary and has drawn birders from all over the country. NAAS is proud to be a partner with the City of Sedona