NAAS In the News Again

NAAS In the News Again   The regular Wednesday meeting in Sedona was attended by a reporter and photographer from the Red Rock News in Sedona. He came in response to the public service announcement that was placed in the newspaper to announce the meeting. NAAS is establishing itself as more than a birding group. We are also taking or place in the growing community of environmental awareness. In particular, we have become active in […]

November 20 meeting in Flagstaff

  Using eBird and other Birding Technologies The Nov. meeting will be a busy one. We are starting the meeting early, at 6:30 pm, with a potluck. Please bring a dish of your choice and utensils. We will provide drinks, paper plates and napkins. One of the most important recent technologies in birding is the citizen science database eBird. This has become a popular way to contribute to citizen science year-round, to keep track of […]

November Meeting Sedona

Save Water and Help Save Arizona’s Rivers Arizona’s rivers and riparian areas have been used  and abused non-stop for decades. Now Audubon Arizona  and the Western Rivers Action Network (WRAN) intend  to turn this situation around and instead to help protect  and enhance these areas that are so important to birds and  wildlife. They have started up the Conserve to Enhance  (C2E) program which was developed at the University  of Arizona and has been in […]

NAAS at Sedona City Council

NAAS at Sedona City Council The Sedona Wetlands is an official Northern Arizona Audubon Society Sanctuary which is, in reality, a wetlands created by the City of Sedona as an extension of its wastewater treatment facility. It is also an official part of the City’s parks systems. In that regard, NAAS and the City of Sedona are partners in this new endeavor and, like many projects of this kind, this one is in a state […]


NAAS at KNAU Northern Arizona Audubon Society launched pledge week for KNAU Public Radio this (October) month. Seven members presented themselves at the KNAU studio for a 7:00-10:00 AM shift of answering phones and taking pledges. One of group, Board Member Suzy Clemens, was even interviewed on the air. It was a great opportunity for NAAS to become known by more people than ever before. Approximately 40 calls were taken during the 3 hour shift […]

Sedona Wetlands In The News!

Sedona Wetlands and our own Dena Greenwood are in the Phoenix News these days. The Wetlands is a designated NAAS Bird Sanctuary and has drawn birders from all over the country. NAAS is proud to be a partner with the City of Sedona
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