Butterflies and More

Note: Denise Gibbs is a champion of butterfly conservation and the force behind our new Monarch Way Station at Page Springs Fish Hatchery, She is also a friend of our chapter. She has provided us with a butterfly and dragonfly list which parallels our own bird walk check lists. It is published here to illustrate how diverse a site can be for butterflies just as our check lists show diversity with bird species.

8:15-8:45am Sedona Wetlands (loop trail around lagoons)

Most butterflies were nectaring on the 3 species of Baccharis bushes Two-tailed swallowtail- 1 Cabbage white-16 Orange sulphur- 13 Great purple hairstreak- 2 American Snout- 5 Variegated fritillary- 21 Painted lady- 3

Viceroy- 2

Monarch- 1 (last breeding generation; not a migrant)

Queen- 139 !!


9-9:45am Bubbling Ponds

Additional butterfly species seen along loop trail around ponds:

Southern Dogface

Southern dogface- 1

Cloudless sulphur- 3

Sleepy Orange

Sleepy orange- 2

Western Pygmy blue- 1

Bordered patch- 1

Fiery skipper- 1

Fiery Skipper


Common dragonfly species:

Widow skimmer

Flame skimmer

Green darner

Comet darner

Black saddlebags

Western pondhawk

Checkered setting