Your Year of the Bird

Year of the Bird

Have you taken the pledge yet? Have you joined Audubon and National Geographic, Cornell Labs, and others in making a commitment to do something for birds and birding each month? If you missed it, click here to “sign up” : . You are not being asked to do something huge; a great many small things taken together will result in something huge regardless of how seemingly small each act appears to be.

Here are some examples of things you can do to contribute to the Year of the Bird on a monthly basis:

  • Take a bird walk in a public place but talk to a few non-birders you meet and tell them what birds are in front of them.
  • Put up a new bird feeder in your yard and record the species that come there. Tell your neighbors what you are doing.
  • Go on a guided bird walk sponsored by our chapter or another organization or agency such as the National Park Service.
  • Choose five bird species that visit your yard and learn all you can about their life histories and then share that knowledge with one other person.
  • Spend 15 minutes for several days at different times during those days and record bird species that frequent your feeder. See if you can establish a pattern.
  • Read several bird conservation articles in sources such as , ,
  • Learn about and visit one or more of our Important Bird Areas here in Arizona:

These are just a few of the many activities that you can do to make 2018 truly your very own “Year of the Bird”. Use your imagination.

A key element of this Year of the Bird is sharing the excitement. We urge you to tell us what you are doing each month by using this website: Please share with us all. You will have ideas that nobody else will have thought of and you will be an exciting force for them.