The economic value of bird populations

Bay Breasted Warbler

How often are you asked about the point of caring abut birds when they have no value beyond your own delight? Probably only one person in 50 will actually ask that even though the other 49 think it. But, how different might such a conversation go if you could say “...the estimated cost of replacing Clark’s Nutcrackers’ seed dispersal of whitebark pine is $1,980 to $2,405 per hectare and $11.4 to $13.9 billion across the range of whitebark pines in the U.S.”

Oh, my… I wonder if Clark’s Nutcrackers can vote? 

The truth is that wild birds do have a significant economic and social value well beyond the economics of bird watching. This is no small thing and we ought to be aware of this side of our avocation. Read the above fact as well as much more in an article from the Summer 2017 issue of Cornell Lab’s “Living Bird” You can read it by clicking here:

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