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Do you travel? Do you like to bird a little when you travel? You might consider It is a website where you can contact a local birder where you are going and get information, and maybe even have someone take you birding. Terry Blows is a birdingpal in Flagstaff and I am a birdingpal in the Verde Valley. I have taken visitors from Sweden, England, Italy, and many Eastern and Western states birding here in the Verde Valley. More importantly, Nanette and I have used to find birders in Thailand, Singapore, Jamaica, Germany, and England who have helped us see birds in those areas. It costs $10/year to subscribe to its service, and yes, we have had birdingpals not respond at all, but it can be great. I might add that if you have visitors coming to the Verde Valley who want to do some birding, feel free to have them contact me. Good birding!

Rich Armstrong (, 928-282-3675)