Plants For Birds In Your Backyard

If you had the good fortune to attend our May 25, 2021 Speaker Program by Eric Moore, you heard him reference many plants , suitable for your yard, which will attract birds. Eric kindly provided us with a list of these plants and that is what is presented below. Please be advised: This list applies to Prescott which is at approximately 5000′ and some consideration might be in order when using the list in the Verde Valley at 3500′. But that is one of the unique features of life in Arizona and we love it.

See this list in printable format: Plant Species May 25 2021.pdf (

Note: if you missed Eric’s May 25, 2021 presentation, you can rerun it on our website here: NAAS Virtual Meeting Programs | NAZ Audubon Website (

Note: National Audubon has published an extensive Plants for Birds site which will provide yard plant information when you enter your zip code: Native Plants | Audubon


Desert Willow

Arizona Cypress

Velvet Ash

Arizona Walnut

Alligator Juniper

Utah Juniper

Pinyon Pine

Ponderosa Pine

Arizona Sycamore


Arizona White Oak

Emory Oak

Gambel Oak

New Mexican Locust

Autumn Sage


Mexican Fire


Mountain Mahogany

Rabbit Brush

Turpentine Bush

Apache Plume

Wright Silk Tassel

Cliff Rose

Scrub Live Oak

California Buckthorn

Holly Leaf Buckthorn

Redberry Buckthorn

Little Leaf Sumac

Three-leaf Sum


Harvard Agave

Mountain Agave

Desert Spoon

Red Yucca


Soaptree Yucca


Vines and Groundcovers

Creeping Oregon Grape

Arizona Grape



Buffalo Grass

Blue Grama Grass

Blue Fescue

Tobosa Grass



Yellow Columbine

Large-Flowered Blue Star

Desert Marigold

Chocolate Flower

Slender Gaura

White Evening Primrose

Carinal Penstemon

Firecracker Penstemon

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Canyon Penstemon

Coral Penstemon

Pine Leaf Penstemon


Globe Mallow

Prairie Zinnia