Lake Elaine, Flagstaff

Red Tail Hawk

One of our very new members, Doni Suggs, has provided this article and the video of Lake Elaine.which is a man-made lake in Continental Country Club i Flagstaff. This is a lake in trouble, as are many lakes and streams in Arizona. Like so many water sites, it provides a wealth of wildlife habitat and viewing. – The Editor

Lake Elaine is a man made lake in the Continental Country Club in Flagstaff. It was built as a reservoir for the golf course, but is no longer used for that purpose. It is now a 30 acre lake, with about 65 lakefront homeowners.
In the past 30 years, it has been a source of water for elk, deer, and many migrating waterfowl, raptors, and other wildlife. In recent years, it has been a source of water for wildfire suppression that have erupted in the Flagstaff area.
The lake has a long history of leaks and poor management by the Country Club. There is now a proposal to repair the lake and restore it to its former size and condition. The general membership of Continental Country Club, other than the lakefront homeowners, are resisting the expenditures required to restore the lake.
My neighbor and myself have been taking photos of the wildlife during the summer and fall months on the lake. These pictures are just a few of the many photos we’ve taken during the past few seasons.
When the lake is restored, the Country Club has proposed a viewing platform on the south end of the lake.

Editor Note: click on this link to see the engineering report for Lake Elaine: