Habitation Restoration Program

Habitat Restoration Program.
NAAS volunteers are active in restoring habitat at three Northern Arizona Audubon locations;



Page Springs - Removing invasive weeds such as tumble weed and Russian Olive is an annual task. Also trail maintenance is an ongoing project







Picture Canyon –
A massive restoration project has been underway for the past 2 years, removing Scotch Thistle, realigning the stream, and removing the dike alongside the stream, adding a pond, and planting native vegetation. This work was directed by the engineering firm,  Natural Stream Design, and financed by a $350,000 grant. Ongoing help is needed to control invasive species.






Logan’s Crossing – What a difference volunteers have made here. For 4 years running, hardy volunteers have been removing Scotch thistle and trash. Now only periodic maintenance is needed.




Help our special areas and volunteer at either or all of these unique birding areas. Contact Kathie Satterfield at   k.satterfield@yahoo.com to pitch in!