Picture Canyon Bird Sanctuary

Picture Canyon Bird Sanctuary


Acorn Woodpecker

Site Description: 6, 650 ft.,  ponderosa /oak forest, natural waterfall and riparian habitat

Picture Canyon is situated on the Rio de Flag but water is provided by Wildcat Hill Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Picture Canyon was placed on the Federal Register of Historic Places in 2008 by virtue of its extensive petroglyph panels and evidence of Native American historic habitation .

With a grant from the Arizona Water Protection Fund, the City of Flagstaff has completed habitat restoration which includes returning the historic meanders of the Rio de Flag, constructing a wetland, and open water pond, and removing invasive non-native vegetation.  With lodes of before-restoration data in hand, it will be quite interesting to see how bird population change in the future.

Picture Canyon is important as a migration stop-over site for passerines in spring and fall.  Peak times for diversity are the end of May and the end of August.

The Picture Canyon checklist currently stands at 155 species.

Ownership: City of Flagstaff. .

Directions to Picture Canyon: From Downtown Flagstaff go east on Santa Fe (Old route 66). Follow Santa Fe approximately 3 ½ miles and turn right on Old highway 66. Go approximately 1 ½ mile and turn left on El Paso Flagstaff. Follow El Paso Flagstaff 1 mile to Federal Register of Historical Places dedication plaque. (Inscribed on large boulder).

Picture Canyon Bird Checklist