Remembering Ross Hawkins

Ross Hawkins

Dr. Ross Hawkins


Northern Arizona Audubon and hummingbirds around the world have lost a wonderful friend. Ross Hawkins passed away in early July. Ross is remembered for his unparalleled leadership with the Hummingbird Society which he founded in 1996 and which manifested itself locally in the very successful Sedona Hummingbird Festival. Ross was also a frequent attendee at our monthly Sedona NAAS member meetings and he could be counted on to make announcements on any topic from asking for volunteers for the Festival to selling calendars. Never one to be shy, Ross had a smile and a “hello” for everyone. He was a big man in birding even as he championed the smallest of birds. He will be missed.


Ross was a speaker last year at our Sedona and Flagstaff member meetings and the following is the biography we used to promote his program:

Dr. Hawkins was trained to be a research scientist (PhD in physical chemistry) from the University of California-Berkley but decided to switch to his hobby, investment analysis, and eventually became a stockbroker managing individual accounts. He retired after 25 years at Morgan Stanley. His marriage to Beth Kingsley awakened a latent interest in hummingbirds (after a trip to Trinidad and Tobago, a favorite place of his to visit), and the rest, as they say, is history. They moved to Sedona in 2006. Ross learned there was no group specifically working to protect the 10% of hummingbird species that are endangered (9 critically), so he formed one! He was the executive director and organizer of the annual Sedona Hummingbird Festival. A member of the National Speakers Association, Ross  loved to talk hummingbirds.

Dr. H. Ross Hawkins – Founder and Executive Director

B.S. – Chemistry, University of Tulsa (OK)
Ph.D. – Chemistry, University of California (Berkeley)
Research Scientist, E.I. du Pont de Nemours (9 yrs)
Investment Advisor, Delta Financial Advisory Services (2 yrs)
Account Executive, Lehman Brothers (2 yrs)
VP, Investments, Morgan Stanley (22 yrs, retired)
Charter Member, North American Nature Photography Association
Member, Northern Arizona Audubon Society
Founder and Executive Director of the Hummingbird Society
Editor, The Hummingbird Connection
Professional Speaker since 2010