Letter from the incoming NAAS President:

Hello, I’m Kay Hawklee. I was voted in as President by the Board of Directors at our last meeting in May that was held on Zoom due to Coronavirus. I’ve been a member of Northern Arizona Audubon Society (NAAS) since 2016. I’ve served on the Conservation Committee and as a Western Rivers Action Network Leader representing NAAS for three years.  I’ve have been the Christmas Bird Count Compiler in Camp Verde for the past two seasons. Dena Greenwood was my birding mentor and several times while we were out on Wednesday morning, she asked if I’d be interested in being on the Board. I hesitated… until I searched my heart and found my niche:  Conservation. NAAS’s mission and my own were in sync:


My Donation“To promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife and the conservation and restoration of their natural habitats.”


However, I feared that my coming in as President is akin to a blister – I’m showing up after all the work is done (… only kind of kidding). So many people have given so much of their time and money:  Wilma Morrison, Anita MacFarlane, Phyllis Kegley, Dena Greenwood, Dennis Tomko, Rich and Nanette Armstrong, Brent Bitz, Julie Wills, etc.  And who did they give their gifts to… the birds!

They’ve done it for the birds. The very ones who can’t help themselves.

In the summer of 2018, the NAAS Board of Directors conducted a survey to find out what interested our members.  Field Trips and Monthly Programs topped the list. Science and Advocacy followed. Well, because of the COVID epidemic, we can’t do the first two. There’s not a whole heck of a lot we can do right now. However, while we await the time we can bird together, we can use our computers and our voices to speak up for birds. It’s a small amount of time that can make a big, big difference. We can support science-based advocacy and speak up for birds because they can’t speak up for themselves.  Go to this link to register for Action Alerts and begin to speak up: https://www.audubon.org/conservation/advocacy

That’s my passion and I know that those who’ve come before would agree that we must speak up for birds! They would cheer us on every time we fill out an Audubon Action Alert letting those in authority know that we care abot saving habitat for birds.


I’d like to hear from members about where your passion lies.  What it is that you would like to do for birds?  What can we together do to help birds?  Please feel free to email me: khawklee@gmail.com with your thoughts, passions, and ideas.



Kay Hawklee

Kay Hawklee