Taking Action

Do you love seeing the plumes of the Snowy Egret?  How about the colorful helmet of the Wood Duck.  You can thank the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) for saving these birds.  Attempts to weaken that law are underway now.

If you don’t want the rules that enforce this Act to be weakened, it’s easy to make a difference. Change can be affected more easily than you might think. In fact, it can be done while in your pajamas, while sipping coffee at your kitchen counter, while checking your morning email.  It takes around 30 seconds.  Easy peasy!

Industries in America have already put safeguards in place. Companies worked with Forest Service leaders to protect birds by keeping them from landing in radioactive waste ponds, etc. Why weaken rules that are already being followed? That may happen if lots of us don’t speak up for birds:

With leadership from FWS, working with industries, state agencies, and NGOs, the MBTA has provided the incentive to adopt common-sense practices that save bird’s lives, such as covering oil waste pits or retrofitting transmission lines, and the ability to provide accountability and recovery after events that kill substantial numbers of birds, such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Snowy Egret

“Your voice really matters. And our collective voice really makes an impact. We encourage you to take action when Audubon sends out action alerts—whether that’s with bills that protect our water resources at the state legislature, or national-level issues such as the protecting the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Audubon has the unique ability to transform your online actions into real, meaningful impact. It could be sending a letter to your Congressperson, or submitting comments to the Environmental Protection Agency. We ask for your help when it counts, and you can bet that your voice is being heard. Thank you for all that you do to protect birds!” – Haley Paul, Policy Manger, Audubon Arizona


There are three extremely important issues right now that need your action!

To take action to protect Arizona water, go to:

It’s easy to: “Defend America’s Most Important Bird Law”; or to speak up against loosening laws: “America’s Bird Protections Under New Attack”.  You don’t even have to be a National, State, or local Audubon member to speak up for birds:

  1. Northern Cardinal

    Go to:

  2. Hit the “Take Action” button
  3. Fill in your info.
  4. Check these boxes:
    1. “Send me email updates about Audubon’s conservation work and how I can help birds”
    2. “Remember me so that I can use FastAction next time. This will allow you to “Take Action With a Single click” the next time you get an alert.
  5. Hit “Send your message”!

Once you have saved your information, it works for both State and National alerts. It can literally take 30 seconds to speak up for birds. One good thing to know is that you will not get inundated by action alert emails. They only send them when they matter.

Audubon’s policy professionals need your help. They advocate for clean air and water, protections for birds “conferred by such milestone legislation as the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act and the Endangered Species Act”. They work tirelessly on behalf of a healthy environment.  They have sharpened their focus and have clear goals in a strategic plan that “will amplify our voice for birds”. But all of their work alone is not enough. They need our support.  Be a voice for birds! Sometimes it’s easy to feel that your actions won’t make a difference. But, trust Audubon, they do.

-Kay Hawklee

Board and Conservation Committee member