March Member Madness

Young Great Horned Owl
Photo by Chip Engelmann

March member madness happens in Sedona on Wednesday March 25, 2020. Plan now, as the NAAS program for March will feature its members at the Sedona location. Yes, those ATR  may join in too.(That’s Above The Rim for all you Verde Valleyites.)  You are the guest speaker! Submit up to five photos via email to Nanette at These slides will be projected onto the screen at the March 25, meeting in Sedona. You’ll get up to 5 minutes to speak about your pictures. Say little or fill up the full 5 minutes. The photos do not have to be birds, but anything nature related is fine. Deadline to submit photos is March 22.

Acorn Woodpecker
Photo by Chip Engelmann

On a personal note from Chip: This is my favorite NAAS meeting of the year. Not only do you get to see outstanding photos by some of the great photographers in our area, you get to see see some good photos by the rest of us wannabees. Some people joke through their presentation, others give sort of a mini lecture, and others still tell stories. It’s all up to you. Join in and get your photos to Nanette. Don’t have enough good shots to contribute? Then get your butt out in the field (or your back yard) and take a few. Do some creative cropping and voilà, you have your presentation. And don’t worry about speaker anxiety; you’re among friends.

Title Photo: Young Lucy’s Warbler with attitude. Three photos combined in one slide for last year’s presentation. Taken at Bubbling Ponds by Chip Engelmann.