New Verde Valley Birding Blog

Hi, I’m Chip Engelmann, the new Assistant Webmaster on this site. I’ve been writing a new blog: Birding the Verde Valley, which I hope will┬ápromote birding and the love of birding.

But that is not how it started. Not that I don’t love birding – I do. What actually happened is that I was writing a novel (my other hobby) and hit a wall. When I did, a piece called “The Cuteness Factor” exploded out and I sent it out to a few friends. Dennis Tomko suggested I submit it to the Blackhawk Watch, but there wasn’t room in the current issue.

Song Sparrow performing
Photo by Chip Engelmann

This turned out to be a good thing. As I sat out on my deck watching my feeders–something I do when I am stuck with my writing–my mind became flooded with different ideas for birding articles. Images of tours of local hotspots emerged, one for every birding field trip NAAS offered, to help birders decide if they want to attend. I thought about writing funny birding stories–just for the fun of it. And I thought about providing helpful hints based upon questions I am asked when I lead field trips. Somewhere in these musings, the idea of starting a blog began to take shape.

So, I invite you to start by reading “The Cuteness Factor.” From there you can explore other posts. I invite you to make comments, ask questions, and start a dialog. In the best of all worlds, my blog will become a place where we interact and learn from each other. In addition, it will provide visitors to the area a peek into what birding in the Verde Valley is all about.

Title Photo: Red-shafted Northern Flicker by Chip Engelmann