Flagstaff Kestrel Project Needs Volunteers

Flagstaff Kestrel ProjectYour chapter has agreed to support a Flagstaff based Kestrel conservation project which Is being coordinated by Northern Arizona University graduate student Maya Rappaport. As the following describes, Maya is working to develop support for a community-based conservation project.

Maya hopes to install up to 25 nesting boxes in the greater Flagstaff area. One of the core aspects of this project is the creation of three-person nesting box monitoring teams. Each team will periodically monitor some of the boxes. In order to encourage NAAS members to volunteer, your chapter will contribute $75 to this project for each team that has at least one NAAS member. Your participation and some chapter funds will help support this worthwhile effort.

The Flagstaff Kestrel Project (FKP) is integrating community into conservation. Driven by scientific inquiry, FKP seeks to understand the best practices for engaging laypeople into conservation work while concurrently creating a long-term monitoring program for American kestrels in Northern Arizona. FKP is working to create and strengthen community, contribute to scientific research, furnish participants with experience in field biology, and create nesting habitat for the American Kestrel.

In fall 2019, FKP community partners at the AZ Trail Association will bring a kestrel-focused ecological curriculum to local public schools, and FKP volunteer teams will install at minimum 25 American kestrel nesting boxes in suitable habitat within an hour’s drive of Flagstaff city limits. In spring and summer 2020, educational programming and community events will complement the beginning of our first nest box monitoring season.

FKP is supported widely by a growing network of community partnerships, including: Babbitt Ranches/the Landsward Foundation, Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, SWCA Environmental Consultants, the Diablo Trust, NAU Sustainable Communities Program, the Arizona Trail Association, Northern Arizona Audubon Society, Flagstaff Unified School District, AZ Game and Fish, the Arboretum at Flagstaff, NAU School of Earth and Sustainability, NAU Documentary Studies Program, Jay’s Bird Barn, Mountain Sports Flagstaff, and AP Sawmill LLC.

Contact Maya for more information: ​mjr486@nau.edu​ or 508-471-7555. Diverse opportunities for involvement are readily available.