Big News at Kachina Wetlands

Kachina Wetlands Pond 6

Several years ago Kachina Wetlands was added as Northern Arizona Audubon’s fourth bird sanctuary under the energetic and creative stewardship of Christina Vojta and the great partnership with Kachina Village Improvement District (KVID). Since then this partnership has resulted in a species list, three annual Migratory Bird Day events, interpretive signs, monthly bird walks, weed abatement and reseeding to native grasses, the infusion of more ponds with water, construction of a pollinator garden, and now – the best news yet – a floating observation deck at Pond #1. As somebody said: “It don’t get no better than this.”

The floating deck completion marks the second year of a grant-funded project that started in 2017 with an award from the Heritage Fund.

From the deck towards shore

The grant was written by NAAS and administered through Coconino County. The actual construction was completed by the KVID construction contractor this July. It is a floating deck because the clay seal on the bottom of these ponds must not be compromised. This has truly been a community project which demonstrates our NAAS commitment to extend the birding community into the larger regional community.

The deck itself is a walkway that extends onto the water through the back of the cattail ring that surrounds the entire pond. The wide platform at the end of the walkway provides views that used to be impossible. Now you can watch waterfowl with young move into the pond from the protection of the cattail barrier. Your views of the pond surface are greatly enhanced simply because you are out there on the water. Although not seen in these photos, fencing will be installed along the railings to provide safety for children.

Kachina Wetlands has become a beloved bird sanctuary, and the current eBIRD list is now sitting at a fabulous 233 species. one of the most user-friendly bird sanctuaries , NAAS is deeply appreciative of the cooperation and support given by KVID,

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South from the Deck

North from the Deck