Wildlife friendly fence installed at Sedona Wetlands Preserve

Fence at Sedona Wetlands


A few years ago, the City of Sedona installed an extensive fencing system throughout the Sedona Wetlands Preserve. The ostensible purpose of this fence was to prevent people from damaging sensitive areas. However, it had the unintended consequence of significantly restricting access to the constructed wetlands by wildlife.

Wildlife-friendly fencing

Based upon a recommendation from Northern Arizona Audubon, the City of Sedona has now installed four replacement sections of this fence with a wildlife permeable design that Arizona Game and Fish uses in some of their facilities.

By taking the lead in identifying a fence design, obtaining a contractor bid and then donating the $1,500 cost of installation, your chapter has again demonstrated its commitment to habitat preservation. Thanks to Sam Hough for his championing of all things good at the Wetlands and to Rich Armstrong for being the Steward of this important part of our chapter’s Bird Sanctuary program.

Brent Bitz