The Monarch of Page Springs

Monarch Stop-over at Page Springs

Monarch Butterfly Waystation blooms at Page Springs

Monarch Butterfly

What is a Monarch Waystation? Simply put, it is a habitat or garden of milkweed species and other native plants that provide food for caterpillars and nectar for adult butterflies during their breeding season and migrations.  Last August, NAAS worked with Denise Gibbs, a Conservation Specialist for Monarch Watch ( to plant this garden near the Visitor Center and Page Springs Fish Hatchery. 

Come and see the action!

Of course, in the beginning it looked sparse but a wet spring has brought out wonderful blooms and it now looks like a “real garden” filled with nectar-rich flowers. More importantly, the Waystation is now attracting butterflies. One recent morning there were eight species enjoying the fruits of our efforts. Next time you are birding at Bubbling Ponds, just pop over to the Visitor Center to see your chapter’s latest conservation project.

The Monarch Waystation is a work in progress and volunteers are needed periodically to maintain it.  We need a few more volunteers who would be willing to take turns watering the garden with a hose once a week and to help with weeding.  This is easy gardening in a delightful setting so if you have a green thumb (or even if you don’t) and are interested, please contact Bubbling Ponds Sanctuary Steward, Rob Gibbs at

Our thanks to Paula Burns, Susan Meyer, and Pat Neyman who have worked with Denise and helped bring the garden to life by watering and weeding it.  We also welcome Beverly Hagerman as our new summer volunteer gardener.  

To schedule a tour of the garden and its butterflies July-Sept, or for more information, please contact Denise Gibbs with questions/comments at 

Brent Bitz