Audubon Response To Members Survey: Conservation

Audubon Response To Members Survey: Conservation

This past September, your Chapter conducted a survey of the membership to ascertain what the members think about a variety of topics. The purpose of this survey was to help direct the Board in its efforts to serve our members.

While a detailed summary of the survey results has already been published (Click for survey), this is the second in a small series of articles that focus on specific topics that were covered in the survey. The idea is inform our members as to your Chapter’s activities relative to your feedback


The survey revealed that some 22% of our members have an active interest in either habitat restoration or conservation advocacy. This ranks below field trips (37%) but approximately on a par with monthly meetings(18%). This relatively strong level of active interest should come as no surprise given that a core part of our mission is “the conservation and restoration of natural habitat”.

So what is NAAS doing with regard to conservation? First and foremost is our Bird Sanctuary Program. In Arizona, only Tucson Audubon can compare to our conservation focused sanctuary program. Our Sanctuary Stewards at Sedona Wetlands, Bubbling Ponds, KachinaWetlands and Picture Canyon have helped create strong governmental and public support for preserving these wonderful birding areas.

Members of your chapter led the birding surveys relating to the potential creation of an Important Bird Area in Camp Verde. This application is now in the hands of the IBA committee and will be looked at in the spring of 2019.

Community outreach is key to habitat preservation and this past year members volunteered to host booths at Verde River Day, Red Rock State Park Earth Day and World Migratory Bird Day at Kachina Wetlands. Of course, the big outreach is the annual Verde Valley Bird and Nature Festival. The festival would not happen without the leadership and participation of dozens of our members.

Many important issues are of regional or national scope and your chapter is regularly asked to support conservation issues being led by our national organization, among others. This past year, your chapter created a Conservation Committee that is tasked with identifying local conservation projects for the chapter to get involved in and making recommendations to the Board concerning advocacy requests. If you have any questions about our conservation activities, please contact the committee Chair Amy Zimmermann at

  • Brent Bitz