Youth Naturalist Program Memorializes Dena Greenwood

Dena Greenwood


The Northern Arizona Audubon Society is proud to announce that it is embarking upon a youth birding and conservation educational program in memory of Dena Greenwood. Many chapter members knew Dena personally and were in awe of her enthusiasm for birding and the natural world.  However, it is not as well known that Dena had a passion for educating young people about nature and spent many years doing just that..

Since her passing, your chapter has been working with Randy Miller, Dena’s husband, to conceptualize an appropriate memorial to her. We also have been acting as the “trustee” for all donated monies being sent in her name.  Dena’s family has now decided that a youth education program is the most fitting way of carrying on her legacy.

This new program will be called Greenwood Naturalists – Youth Birding and Conservation. The objective of this program is to provide nature oriented educational programs to youth resident in our area. While a curriculum has yet to be developed, it is hoped that Greenwood Naturalists will not only educate but also encourage youth to take action in conserving our natural world.

Now that a general direction has been decided, the next step will be to develop a curriculum and engage qualified educators to put the program on.

The generosity of Dena’s friends has created a fund in excess of $6,000 to be used to turn this idea into a reality. There is much work to do but, it is hoped, that Greenwood Naturalists will be up and running by next spring.

You may make a donation by going to, and then click Donate and you will see the Greenwood Naturalists link. Should anyone have any questions concerning this don’t hesitate to contact Brent Bitz at .

On a related note, the City of Sedona has generously offered to participate in the creation of a memorial plaque to be located at the Sedona Wetlands Preserve. Randy is working with city staff on this with a goal of having an unveiling early in the new year.