Chapter Promotes Conservation Efforts

Rubber meets the road

As a proud part of the Audubon family, Northern Arizona Audubon regularly receives requests from both our National and Arizona offices asking for our endorsement of public policy initiatives that support the protection of bird habitat. While in the past, your chapter has periodically considered these requests our support has been sporadic.

National Audubon Society

National Audubon Society is a strong conservation advocate. Click to see a sample.

The frequency of these conservation requests has now reached a point where your Board believes that more proactive action is required. Consequently, upon receipt of these requests, the Conservation Committee will now be promptly considering these often time sensitive requests and, generally speaking providing an endorsement. This means that a letter of support will be signed on behalf of our chapter and sent to the national or Arizona offices for inclusion in a larger campaign.

These requests can relate to a wide variety of activities, For example, recently we were asked to endorse a letter to Congress supporting  “permanent reauthorization and robust funding” for the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund. This fund is a major money source for protection of bird habitat across the country.

Because these are important issues, we will be communicating our actions to our members generally by way of an e-blast. Sometimes, the e-blast will show individual members how you can join in and provide your endorsement as well.

Northern Arizona Audubon has a long and proud tradition of supporting protection of our natural habitats and this is a continuation of that tradition. Amy Zimmermann chairs the Conservation Committee with Kay Hawklee, Julie Wills and Brent Bitz as committee members. If you would like to join our efforts, please ask any one of us for more information.


Brent Bitz