April Program: For the Love of Birds

Seeds in Hand

In the President’s editorial in the Nov/Dec BlackHawk Watch, Dennis Tomko noted that we “love birds,” and inferred that if we truly love birds, as we love our families, we have a certain responsibility for their welfare beyond providing feeders in our backyards.

You may have read that, and wondered, “What am I doing for the birds? What else could I really do?” If so, the April 19 (Flagstaff) and 18 (Sedona) programs is just for you, and for the birds! Holly Kleindienst will be presenting 10 easy and rewarding things you can do that will benefit both you and the birds! Holly is a retiree from the US Forest Service where she had a fulfilling career as wildland firefighter and fire manager. Coming from a family of birders and nature enthusiasts, she has been a lifelong backyard birder, and outdoor recreationist. Upon inheriting her mother’s binoculars in 2012, Holly took up birding in the Verde Valley and greater Yavapai County in earnest. While not an expert birder, she has found her niche in the local birding community, turning others on to the eBird database, the eBird app, and other mobile birding applications. She is passionate about leaving a lighter footprint on the earth and finds no greater joy and fun than in sharing her passion for birds and nature with others.

This program will be presented at the meetings at: in Sedona at the Sedona Public Library April 18 at 7:00 PM and in Flagstaff at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church April 19th at 7:00PM.