Two Great Invitations For You

Would you like to learn more about E-bird? Or, how about earning college credit with a special class to teach you the Scientific Method? Read what we have here:

Would you like to get a little college credit before you get to college and also have a real science experience?

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Students experience the scientific process first-hand from start to
finish by working on a primary research project in collaboration with
participating researchers. Students gain the field, greenhouse, or lab
skills necessary to complete their project, conduct their own
investigations to examine the state of current knowledge, assess
what is yet unknown, develop testable hypotheses and experimental
designs, collect data, perform statistical analyses, report results, and conduct peer reviews.

 On the other hand, would you like to attend an E-bird class? Friends of the Verde River is offering just that:

Friends of the Verde River is offering a 2 hour lunch-n-learn workshop that is an Introduction to E-bird. It will be led by Holly Kleindienst at the Cottonwood Recreation Center (150 S. 6th Street) on Friday, April 27th from 12pm – 2pm. Even though this is part of our birding festival we are offering a discount for folks, who may just want to take this one workshop. The cost will be $25. You may purchase a box lunch at $7, or you may bring your own.

Learn how to use eBird to easily track the birds you’ve seen anywhere in the world. See how you can find and identify the birds wherever you travel. Most importantly make all of that easy stuff count for bird research and conservation of bird habitat. If you use a smart phone, we’ll end briefly with how to make your birding experience lighter, easier, more productive and fun by using a birding app. Ethics of using bird apps in the field will also be discussed.

WhiteBreastedNuthatchHolly is recently retired from the US Forest Service where she had a fulfilling career as wildland firefighter and fire manager. Coming from a family of birders and nature enthusiasts, she has long been a lifelong backyard birder, and outdoor recreationist. Upon inheriting her mother’s binoculars in 2012, Holly took up birding in the Verde Valley and greater Yavapai County in earnest. Most every morning she can be found out walking and birding to increase her Yavapai Life List, and her knowledge of local birds. She is a great fan of the eBird database, the eBird app, and other mobile birding applications. She is always willing to share how the use of these technologies can enhance the birding experience.