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They say, “Listening is the new reading.” It’s easy to scoff at this new-fangled way of learning; until you try it!  Listening can open up a whole new world. With the links to podcasts below, we hope you can listen while you cook, clean, fold the laundry or just laze around. Part of our new conservation conversation is education. These podcasts are served up to us as one of the easiest possible ways to become educated on the birds that fascinate us all:

  1. BirdNote:

Sign up – for free – at BirdNote for, “Stories about birds, the environment and more.” Go to this link to hear  “… a two-minute radio show that combines rich sounds with engaging stories, to illustrate the amazing lives of birds and give listeners a momentary respite from the news of the day”:

This site has links to Podcasts on subjects such as:  “Why birds sing,” “How Long Does a Robin Live,” “Singer’s Brain Change with the Seasons,” and much more.

  1. NPR, 1A:

Kieran and Board Member Brent Bitz

Brent Bitz alerted us to a wonderful NPR podcast about the Year of the Bird in celebration of the centennial of the Migratory Bird Act:

Listen at:

  1. Bird Watcher’s Digest, aka BWD:

This isn’t your Grandmother’s BWD. Topics covered in these podcasts range from discussion on the bird that “sparked” our interest in birds, to backyard birds, to birds of the tropics, to a Snowy Owl invasion.

One of the episodes features Noah Strycker – our Keynote speaker at last year’s Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival.  Noah was the “first person ever to see more than 6,000 bird species in a single, worldwide birding Big Year.” Noah is the author of Birding Without Borders, which recounts his 2015 World Big Year, and the book The Thing With Feathers.  Find this Pocast and much more at:

  1. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology:  Has numerous podcasts with video at this link:

We hope you can lay back and listen to the bird’s song and stories while it’s raining outside (fingers crossed).  Just remember that once you’ve become an expert on birds by listening in, there will be a test… just kidding.  So, for your listening pleasure, hit the links and enjoy!


Kay Hawklee

NAAS Board and Conservation Committee member