Cub Scout Weed Pull at Kachina Wetlands

Cub Scouts in Flagstaff

Members of Cub Scout Pack 201 pulling and bagging diffuse knapweed at Kachina Wetlands. Left to right, Julia Antoninka, sister of Jeremy(in the back), and Jessica Miner help by holding a bag as cub scouts Dean Kniffen, and Jaxson Kniffen put the knapweed they pulled in it. Miner is the boys’ mother and is holding their baby brother, Blake.

As part of their service duties, Cub Scout Pack 201 of the Grand Canyon Council pulled invasive knapweed at Kachina Wetlands last Saturday morning (9/2/17). The scouts had to identify the weed which is nasty with stickers, pull it and bag it. They worked for an hour and were real troopers. Parents were along to help but the boys did most of the work.
Christina Vojta, Northern Arizona Audubon Society steward for the NAAS Kachina Wetlands Bird Sanctuary, arranged the weed pull and helped the scouts identify the knapweed.

Alain O’Neill struggles with a nasty knapweed


Editor Note: Northern Arizona Audubon is extremely happy and grateful for the participation of the Cub Scouts. Thank you.