Annual Budget Northern Arizona Audubon Society

Your Board has recently approved the NAAS annual budget and thanks to your continued support, we are pleased to report that your Audubon Chapter is in excellent financial shape. The following are some of the highlights of this year’s budget:

  • Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30 so the approved budget equally straddles 2017 and 2018.
  • Business For Birds is at our tax limit of three members (Jay’s Bird Barn, Five Star Printing and The Arboretum) and generates $975 annually.
  • Sales of our bird guides are forecasted to be $900. Book sales are continuously declining as birders increasingly use various internet and social media platforms. We are down to around 80 Flagstaff books and can reasonably expect to sell these out during 2018. However, we have around 2,400 Sedona books and sell around 200 per year.
  • Member’s dues are our main source of income and this is forecasted to be $7,000.
  • The Black Hawk Watch newsletter has an annual cost of $2,500 for the five editions. Your Board has decided to reduce the number of pages per issue from eight to six, which will result in a cost saving of around $350. In addition, we will be discontinuing the semi-annual activity calendar given that the newsletter already handles our field trips. This will save around $600.
  • Our bird sanctuary program continues to be very active with a total budget of $4,600. The largest single expense is $2,000 for Kachina Wetlands that represents our financial commitment as a participant in a collaborative Heritage grant award of $16,350 for a floating viewing deck. This project will be managed by Coconino County.
  • Our various programs (Education, Monthly Meetings, etc.) are budgeted at around $3,000.
  • Overhead which covers accounting fees, supplies, liability insurance, credit card fees, website, post office box and storage rentals collectively are budgeted around $2,700. Your Board has worked hard to keep these costs down.
  • In summary, total income is expected to be $13,793 and expenses at $13,272. This leaves a forecasted surplus of $521.

Your Board takes the financial management of the Chapter very seriously. Only a couple of years ago, the Chapter was running continuous annual deficits. Thanks to your support, we are now financially sustainable.

Please remember to renew your membership each year. Our website is set up to allow for easy on-line renewal using your credit card. Because we use a credit card servicing company we do not have access to your credit card information.

The detailed budget is posted on our website and if you have any questions, please just ask a Board Member who will be happy to give you an answer.