Kachina Wetlands Up Front

Kachina Wetlands Pond 1

As most of you know, we have big plans for the Kachina Wetlands, thanks to our steward, Christina Vojta. Christina has adopted the Wetlands as her project with the complete backing of Northern Arizona Audubon Board.. She has great plans for site and the immediate issue is the International Migratory Bird Day celebration on May 13th. To that end, she was interviewed by the Daily Sun from Flagstaff and we got a front page article as a result. It is worth reading. Click here : http://azdailysun.com/news/local/wastewater-ponds-get-new-role-as-bird-habitat/article_28822469-5c17-5483-8344-50690073b783.html . You can and should use this as bragging rights for your NAAS chapter.