Introducing: Kachina Wetlands

Kachina Wetlands

How many bird sanctuaries does Northern Arizona Audubon manage? If your answer is “four”, you are correct. Our newest sanctuary is Kachina Wetlands, located just a few miles South of Flagstaff just off I-17. It’s a great place, with ponds and easy trails occupying approximately 70 acres managed by Kachina Village Improvement District. NAAS adopted the site along the management plan written by Christina Vojta, Ph.D. (NAU)  at our July 2016 board meeting. Christina, who is a driving force behind the enhancement of Kachina Wetlands as a prime wildlife habitat, is a fellow NAAS member and has been appointed steward of that site. We are very excited about all this and we look forward the great developments with Kachina Wetlands.

As is our custom with all our sanctuaries, we have a web page devoted to Kachina Wetlands. Please click here to view it and to learn a great deal more: