Colorado River Water and Birds

The Verde River

This is an excellent article published on our National Audubon website. It clearly identifies the issues involved with water and wildlife in the Colorado River watershed. The entire Verde Valley is directly affected by the health of the Colorado River which makes this issue so meaningful for us.

This is an excerpt – read the full article here:

Over the past century, the dams and diversions built to support the explosive growth of cities and agriculture in the American West have left the once-mighty Colorado River a shadow of its former self. The river, which once flowed straight to the Gulf of California, and through parts of Mexico, is now fully allocated for human use, and dries up some 100 miles short of the sea, disrupting the riparian ecosystems along the river’s banks. With climate change promising to make water an even scarcer commodity, it’s more important than ever that water-management plans in the West take the health of the river and the wildlife it supports into account.