“Let the Bird-Brain Games Begin!”

We’ve all been kids once, maybe twice. And kids have it right – having fun can be a great way to learn! But fun and games aren’t just for kids. A thought provoking lecture or informative book can be rewarding. But this month’s speaker still knows how creative and interactive games can be intriguing while enriching our lives and our personal connections to Nature.

Join us for an out-of-seat experience as Zack Zdinak engages us at our February 15 (Sedona) and 16 (Flagstaff) meetings in several customized bird-themed activities. He promises they won’t require jogging or jump roping, so those of you who had a long day at work or just want to stay seated also will be able to join in. Zack has several activities lined up for us: an interactive ice-breaker to test your knowledge of local winter birds, a “whodunit” bird of prey predation mystery to solve (maybe it was the butler in the library with a frozen suet cake!), and one or two more activities as time permits. Zack also will provide us with ideas, take-home word games, a book list and websites for educational bird games.

“I enjoyed Jim Logan’s bird song quizzes at our November meeting”, says Zack. “Now we’ll take it up a notch. This should be a fun evening for experienced and beginning birders alike!”

As a lifelong peripatetic naturalist, Zack has been presenting education programs since bringing two spotted turtles to kindergarten for Show & Tell. He nurtured a love of all things Nature through a childhood of catching snakes, feeding birds, trapping mammals and raising native plants in Connecticut. After graduating from West Virginia University with a BS in Wildlife Management in 1980, he honed his interpretive and field biologist skills over 13 years as an Interpreter and Wildlife Biologist with US Fish & Wildlife, National Forest and Park Services in Utah and Arizona.

In 1998 he founded Life Drawing & Education in Flagstaff, Arizona, a resource for education programs. Most of Zack’s interpretive, environmental education, science inquiry and wildlife illustration programs get people moving or curious, and having a good time.

When not drawing or presenting, Zack’s often out exploring the back roads, trails, rivers, and canyons of the western states, traipsing off to some exotic natural area, or maybe looking for spotted turtles. He gardens and keeps home with his partner Robert Audet here in Flagstaff. You can visit his website at www.lifedraw.com